Drafting is a plain text editor.
It is a writing tool designed and developed to coexist with your favorite note-taking app.
You can use Drafting to write anything: email, SMS, or a few hundred words article. Really!
Anything you write using Drafting is saved as plain text files locally on the device.
You can open and edit them using any text editor apps on any platforms.
Whatever you create are yours to own!
Drafting starts with a new draft by default and lets you start writing immediately.
You can deal with the file name and location once you've finish writing.
  • Auto-save
  • Undo & redo
  • Automatic list continuation: bullet, number list, task
  • Automatic matching pair completion: (), [], <>, {}, "",
  • Markdown support: Heading, List, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Link, Code, Fenced Code, Blockquote
  • Toolbars: Draft, Markdown, Editing, Utilities, Text Processing, Actions, Custom
  • Save selected text from anywhere into new or existing draft without opening Drafting app
  • Pin (to always keep a draft opened on app launch/return)
  • Archive
  • Templates
  • File Manager
  • 45+ Fonts: Sans, Sans Serif, Monospace
  • Material You
  • Search
  • More functionalities in Editing, Utilities, Text Processing, and Actions toolbars
  • Export as PDF
  • Your requests
Price will go up as more features are available in the app. Buy the app now to get it at its lowest price.
🇮🇩 Made in Jakarta, Indonesia